The story of the drum!!  ZoLee!
This drum is meant for a young mother!
When I pen and ink a drum, I ring the outline of the picture with an inspired story.   I am not sure where the story comes from, but they come right out of the ink and onto the drum!! Here is the story that goes with this drum.
At the top of the drum, about 10 o'clock, there is a finger with a smiley face right by it! It's by the lone leaf in the dark! This is where the story starts and it runs clock wise!!
The smiley face to start you off
A little bird to keep you company
Hearts for love
Man meeting woman
Flowers grow
Baby's hair for Calm days
Things starting to grow
Pebbles in the pond
Ideas growing too
Guarding your ground
Unicorn's horn
Good spirits watching
More babies hair
Foot prints in the sand
Sailboats and sunshine
Cat chasing mouse
Ladders going north
Arrows showing the way
Daises for happiness
Warm Days
Sitting underneath a tree
Kitty paw prints
Paisleys because they're fun
Hearts for loving you always
The story may mean nothing or something to who ever is reading the drum!
Thank you,