The story of the drum!!   "Dragon Dreams!!"
When I pen and ink a drum, I ring the outline of the picture with an inspired story.   I am not sure where the story comes from, but they come right out of the ink and onto the drum!! Here is the story that goes with this drum.
At the left hand side of the drum, at the end of the dragon's tail, there is a finger pointing the way. This is where the story starts and it runs clock wise!!
Spider's showing you the web of life
Bamboo in the dark
Birds in the wind
A handle to hold on to
Flowers growing
Silly faces
Seeds in the ground
Sunsets and Sanctuary
Spirits showing you the way
Baby's hair
Snail's and Bugs
Growing things showing you the way
The ring of flowers
Ladders going south
Snakey showing you to move on
Sunsets in the south
Spirits showing you good fortune
Candles in the night
Stars in the dark
Fields of wheat
The story may mean nothing or something to who ever is reading the drum!
Thank you,